System Engineer

Req ID:  3002

Shenyang, CN

Jan 25, 2023


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Job Title: System Engineer


Department: Project Engineering Department


Reporting to: Team Leader of System Design


Main responsibilities and tasks:

  • Calculate the design scheme according to the requirements of the technical agreement and be responsible for issuing the design task book of the main engine, auxiliary machine and electric instrument, as well as the inquiry agreement or parameters of the external auxiliary equipment (motor, water station, lubricating oil station, lubricator, water pump etc.)
  • Responsible for the design of technical interface related to each professional room
  • Design process is responsible for the work related to the user, design institute of technology, presented to the user including drawings, documents, or design institute, should according to the types of requirements in the agreement, copies, is responsible for the sun or copy, and stamped with "middle" or "at the end of the data" stamp, to project department unified by mail. Provide electronic version of the information from the chief designer to the document control administrator to send unified
  • Responsible for the preparation of drawings, documents and other necessary materials needed for the technical coordination meeting with users and design institute, as well as matters to be negotiated and confirmed in the coordination meeting. After the modification opinions put forward by the technical coordination committee are confirmed by the leadership of the design department, the "parts design task book" shall be re-issued for the parts that need to be improved. In principle, the original designer shall carry out the design drawing
  • After receiving the drawings of auxiliary equipment such as motor, thin oil station, water station, oiler, the drawings shall be reviewed and signed for confirmation
  • Responsible for the preparation of packing list, operation instruction and factory documents


Education/ experience / languages:

  • Bachelor's degree or above
  • Major in mechanical design and manufacturing
  • English level 4 above
  • Work on compressor engineering design for more than 3 years, have a whole knowledge of compressor PID, design scheme and auxiliary system



Key performance indicators (KPI’s):

  • New product major error rate0
  • Drawing completion, unification and accuracy: ≥98%
  • Qualification rate of drawing change program≥95%


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